Challenge Trophy Camporee location? The 17th CTC will be held October 16 – 18, 2015 at Camp Babcock-Hovey, 7294 County Road 132, Ovid, NY.

Who attends the CTC?   Everyone is welcome to attend the Challenge Trophy Camporee regardless of district, council, region or country of origin.  We normally have at least 6 different BSA councils and Canadian Troops attend the CTC. Webelos II, Scouts & Venturers may attend for the weekend.  Cubs, Webelos, Scouts, Ventures may attend on a day pass & participate in the program on Saturday. If you have never attended this event, please consider visiting us.  Your scouting youth will thank you!

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Why use Subcamps? The subcamp are designed after Traditional Subcamps used at a Camporee near the Canadian / Michigan border since the 1950’s – the Wadiscoca Fall Camporee.  This was Scouterdoug’s orginal home Camp / Camporee during the ’90s where Volunteers ran the small annual Camporee that used 4 colors to identify Subcamps. Sadly, Camp Wadiscoca was closed in 2009. This Subcamp Tradition was continued when Scouterdoug relocated to NYS in late 1997 and held the 1st CTC eighteen months later with 2 subcamps. In 2011 at the 13th CTC we grew to 12 subcamps identified by 12 colored flags.

What is the program? The program of the CTC consists of Team Building Events, Educational Events, Fun events, Crafts, Displays, Campfire, Scout’s Own, Demolition Drag Derby (3D), Subcamp Chariot Race, Camp Site Inspection, etc.  In 2013 we offered over 500 events on the Event Cards.

The Challenge Trophy Camporee is designed to be run by youth.  The structure is based on subcamps and assigned event areas which breaks the entire camporee into manageable sections.   Training is provided for the youth leadership team.  The leadership team consists of Youth Camporee Chiefs, Subcamp Chiefs and Event Area Coordinators.  The support youth staff is usually made up of younger scouts who wish to to be a leader at future CTCs.  Adults are trained as advisors where they provide support if needed. The Camporee program was built slowly but consistantly “larger” over several years.  We started with 50 events at the 1st CTC and by the 15th CTC (2013) we were over 500 events.

The Challenge Trophy Camporee (CTC) was started in 1999 with 2 Youth run Subcamps. The attending units competed for plaques and several had their Unit’s number engraved on a brass plate which is attached to the original Challenge Trophy. The CTC quickly grew so big that the “Trophy” had to be retired.  We currently run 12 Youth Run Subcamps and we offer ~175 plaques to be awarded to attending units for scouting excellence.  We also provide Program Patches – Teamwork, Outdoor & Nature Skills, Craft Patches, Educational Event patches, Chariot Race participant, Event Volunteer, Demolition Drag Derby, Sport Events, etc.

More history – Check out the website pages for the the past and future CTCs by clicking on the history tab.  There is plenty of pictures to provide you with some idea of what the CTC is.

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