Info for Canadian Troops, Crews, and Adults

21 Canadian Beavers - 2018 & 2019

Canadian Units:

The CTC has always welcomed Canadians to the Challenge Trophy Camporee since it was created in 1999.  

We made a BIG CHANGE in 2017 where we pushed the CTC back one week.  It is no longer a conflict with Apple Day weekend!   This have always been an obstacle for Canadian Troops and the ones that did make it to the CTC recommended we change the date…. So we did.  

At the Official Opening of the CTC we open with Canadian and American flag break.    The Flag in 2015 was one that flew at a Canadian Battle Regiment in Afghanistan.   In 2016 we have reclaimed / repaired Canadian flag that was donated to the CTC by a Scouter who now resides in Baltimore.

This was followed by the playing of the Canadian National Anthem U.S. Anthem over the loudspeaker system.

The Youth Camporee Chiefs welcomed everyone to the CTC and offered an additional warm welcome to the Canadian Troops who made the trip to the States for the Camporee.   Each Canadian Troop was awarded a Plaque for a Long Distance Traveled Troop.

The entire Opening Ceremony takes around 15 minutes…..  20 tops.


Troop 1st Rockwood has attended the CTC for  5 years and then in 2016 they were the first Canadian based Troop to Host a Subcamp. 

We currently have 14 Subcamps and also have a Staff Sub-camp to bring the total to 15 in 2019.


The CTC is offering an Exchange Rate for Canadian Units that would like to attend the CTC.   This will compensate for the Dollar Exchange Rate and for the fuel to travel. We plan to make it a very reasonable rate.

Should you wish more information on this topic, please email-

Make sure to use the Canadian forms at the following link –

CLICK HERE – Registration Forms

General Comments:

Please take the time to look over the CTC Website.  

1)    We have created a youth run Camporee that is second to none in youth leadership.  We have a strong staff of volunteers who support the youth leaders.

2)    Our badges have become a very desirable trading badge.   In 2022 we will have 15 Subcamp badges, a large CTC badge, a Day Pass badge, staff badges and 14 program badges to be earned by attendees.   In all there are 32 badge designs at the 21st CTC.   Refer to the PATCHES page at our website.

We will sell full sets before the CTC at a reduced $, and at the CTC for a reasonable price. There will be a limited number of these. Most of the badges will be given to the attending units at the CTC.   NOTE – You do not have to attend the CTC to buy badges.  We will mail them to you if you like.   Just pay the postage and this will be done.

The Scouts that attend the USA National Jamboree every 4 years makes an off-season visit to buy CTC badges because at the Jambo the CTC Patches are excellent trading badges. They are now spread all over the country.   A unit that traveled to England also reported back they were a popular trading badge overseas as well.

3)    Our central Badge Trading location is a 120 seat, 13 table Tent and is a spectacle to see!  

4)    We are offering 750 Events in 2022 in 24 Event Areas.

5)    We are offering 14 Program Badges that attending Troops can earn by doing program.   YES – These are included in the Registration Fees.

Scouts normally walk away with a share of the (approximately) 9,000 of the Program Badges. After the Events end, the remaining Patches are sold at the CTC Stores.

Refer to the Events and Program Webpage for additional info and details.

Travel Permits:

CLICK HERE – Ranger Contact info for travel permit forms


You will find the Challenge Trophy Camporee to be a very special Camporee.   It is worth the Trip!

If you would like to contact some of the Canadian Troops who have attended the CTC in the past for feedback, please email me and I’ll forward your request to them on your behalf.

Lastly, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours in Scouting,                                   

Doug Reynolds,

Volunteer, UE, SAR.