Info for Day Pass Cubs and Webelos

that are attending during the Day on Saturday only

(Forms & other attachments are at the bottom of this page)

2020 Jewel Bettle

Welcome to the CTC Day Pass Webpage.

Everyone is invited!

The Day Pass is a Family Event – bring siblings & Parents with you!

Siblings under 5 years of age are not charged and may do the Events and enjoy the Pizza Lunch.   If they want Patches, drop around the CTC Store(s) and buy some for them.

In 2019 – We have 32 patches & offer 750 Events

Feedback Question – What did we do right at the CTC?

Answer: – The events were great!!   I am really impressed with how organized and smoothly everything goes at the events.  The volunteers enjoy what they do and know what they are doing.  I am teacher by profession so I pay close attention to instructional management, etc.  The events were age appropriate and nicely laid out for them. Nate Ruder – Pack 469

Events: The events are one of more of the following categories….

Educational / Teamwork / Crafts / Displays / Fun / Outdoor and Nature Skills / etc.

Please go to the Events Page for more details.

Youth retention in the Scouting Program.

Attending the Challenge Trophy Camporee will give the Webelos an opportunity to see what the Scouting Program offers at the next level. This will build a comfort and connection to the Troop level Program. This is great for youth retention.

Cubs of all ages may attend on a Day Pass, and note that the Day Pass is a Family Event – Parents & Siblings are welcome to attend and participate.   The CTC is a great example of what the Troop level program offers and is great for Youth Retention in the Scouting Program for Cubs of all ages.

Great experience:

Webelos that attendee the CTC in the past provided some great feedback. One adult Leader reported he had 2 Webelos that were not planning to move on to a Troop, but after attending the CTC, they became very excited to join a Troop the next year.  

The energy and excitement at the CTC is something to experience. We had around 2,000 people attend last year’s CTC, including Troops from Canada who drive for hours to attend the CTC. Come and join the fun!

CTC Stores:

We have 2 CTC Store locations.  One in Eagle Lodge and the other at an “outpost Tent” on the South end of the Walking Bridge.  Our patches are priced to sell to allow scouts of all ages collect them.   The CTC Patches have become a popular trading patch at the CTC and even at National Jamboree based on feedback from attending scouts.

We also sell CTC Caps, Scarfs, some snacks and drinks.


Bring your entire family with you on a Day Pass!

The steps to attend the CTC are simplified to be –

1)   Copy the Day Pass Schedule with the CTC Map on the back.

2)   Come to the Camp, Staff will direct you to a parking spot.

3)   Register in Pedersen Lodge where you’ll get patches & Event Cards.

4)   Go enjoy the morning Events. Do as many as you like.

5)   At Noon eat the Pizza Lunch included in your fee.

6)   Enjoy the Afternoon events, Do as many as you like.

7)   At 4pm head for home.

Your children have memories of the CTC that will last a lifetime.

Program events are available for Cubs of all ages. Parents and siblings may attend as well and enjoy all the CTC has to offer. A Day Pass allows the youth to participate in the 685 events providing the individual event is “age appropriate”.

Day Pass Patches include the large CTC Patch and an Oval Day Pass Patch with a button loop.  NOTE – Day Pass attendees do not get a Subcamp Patch.

Cubs are eligible to earn Program Patches as per the Event Card requirements. The 9 Program patches are included in the Day Pass Fee and can be earned by Day Pass attendees.    Each person can get up to 11 total patches on a Day Pass.

Lunch:   The Day Pass registration fee includes a Pizza lunch at the Dining Hall at noon for all Day Pass attendee that pay CTC Fees.


Webelos can attend with the entire Pack on a Day Pass as described above,


Webelos may attend with a Troop that is attending the CTC Camporee for the entire Weekend. A parent(s) may also attend with the Webelos if they choose to.

Patches will either be as described in the Day Pass above, or as per the Weekend Troops should Webelos decide to attend for the weekend with a Troop.

This is a great way to introduce Webelos to the Troop overnight Camping program. That is, for the weekend they will be part of a Troop. Past experience shows they will have a great time!!!! This also helps with youth retention.

Click Here for more information about Webelos at the CTC 

Pre-registration Form

When filled out and submitted this form provides us with an idea of how many people are coming.  This help us be prepared for the attending numbers for Patches and Lunch.    We accept walk-ins for Day Pass attendees at the CTC, but if you know you are coming, please fill out the form below.   Thanks.

CLICK HERE  – 22nd Pre-Registration Letter – Sign up today to hold your unit a spot at the Challenge Trophy Camporee (CTC)          No Payment is Required to Pre-Register.

DAY PASS Payment Forms

There are 2 different Day Pass payment levels for the 20th CTC. Attendees may use any combination to pay for their units – 1, 2 or both of them.  The Fees increase in time as the target dates are passed.   Please review the form below.

CLICK HERE – 21st CTC Day Pass Payment Form Take this form with you to the camp to pay for the people who did not pay by the Early Bird Payment date.

Pay the Wednesday before the Camporee if you like at the Seneca Waterways Council Office



Register Wednesday Evening before the CTC from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Where: Boy Scouts of America, 2320 Brighton Henrietta TL Road, Rochester, NY, 14623

We have an early Registration Evening to help reduce the amount of people who register at the Camp and thus speed up the process. The fees on Tuesday are the same as at the Camp on Friday.

Who can pay on Wednesday?   This includes Pack / Troops / Crews / Staff

To do this, each unit must have “everything” they need for the normal Friday night at the Camporee registration.   This includes the Roster, payment forms, any remaining “at the Camp” payment due, etc.

You will then get your normal “at the Camp Registering” items like, Patches, Staff stuff if applicable, Event Cards, paper handouts, etc.   If you have more “sign up” afterwards, you will simply have to pay for them at the Camporee on Friday night.   It is that easy.

Bought patches over the summer? You can get them at the Office as well when you register.

BEFORE you go to the SWC Office, you must email so we can get your Registration material to the Office for you to pick up.

Information for Day Pass People

CLICK HERE – 21st CTC Summer Patch Special – Look to save money? Order your patches before September 1st! 

CLICK HERE – 22nd CTC DAY PASS Schedule –          Print & bring a copy with you.

CLICK HERE-Babcock-Hovey 22nd CTC Map  – The map is very busy, but “almost” everything is on the map.

Please make a copy of the map and on the back, a copy the Schedule for all Patrols and adults


CLICK HERE – Pamphlet



CLICK HERE – Directions to Camp Babcock-Hovey

CLICK HERE – 22nd CTC Shooting Permission Form – All youth must have this form filled out and signed by their legal guardian if they wish to participate in shooting sports activities.