Click Here – Registration Forms for All These forms have migrate to website. Please make sure to follow the instruction on that page to choose the correct form.

Other Forms for EVERYONE –

CLICK HERE – 23rd Pre-Registration Letter – Sign up today to hold your unit a spot at the Challenge Trophy Camporee (CTC)        No Payment Required to Pre-Register and if things change and you cannot make it, simply email Scouterdoug and let him know.

CLICK HERE – 23rd CTC Summer Patch Special –Look to save money? Order your patches before September 1st!

CLICK HERE -Babcock-Hovey 23rd CTC Map The map is very busy, but “almost” everything is on the map. Please make a copy of the map and on the back, copy the Schedule for all Patrols and adults. Specific schedules list below this point have a map included.

CLICK HERE – 23rd CTC Shooting Permission Form – All youth must have this form filled out and signed by their legal guardian if they wish to participate in shooting sports activities.

CLICK HERE – CTC Rules – Review and learn the rules.

CLICK HERE – CTC Pamphlet – a lot of useful info.

CLICK HERE – Unit Roster (PDF)  – Required for Registering

OR use the other version shown below –

CLICK HERE – Unit Roster (Excel) – Required for Registering

CLICK HERE – Special Statement about Firewood – Also note the ground fires are not allowed on the Camporee Field, but fire in patio style metal fire pots, or ½ barrels is permitted.

CLICK HERE – Special Statement about Border Crossings – Check US Customs & Immigration for updates

CLICK HERE – Directions to Camp Babcock-Hovey