4th Challenge Trophy Camporee History


The 4th Challenge Trophy Camporee was held at Camp Cutler Oct 18, 19, 20, 2002.  This was the 4th in the Challenge Trophy Camporee annual series.  Otetiana Council sponsored this event for the 2002 calendar year. 1529 people attended the CTC this year.    We had strong winds and rain overnight on Friday.  It sprinkled Saturday morning until the early afternoon.  We had plenty of mud, but everywhere we looked scouts were having a blast with the events. What were the highlights of the program?

200 Events that were Fun, Team Building, Educational, Crafts, etc. 45th JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) Troop Campsite Inspection Demolition Drag Derby (1st 3D) Scout’s Own Campfire Sub-camp Chariot Race Youth Run Program High Quality Camporee & Sub-camp Patches (See them below!) Patch / Badge Trading Posts (Snacks & Souvenirs) …and a fun time for all! I hope you all return next year for the 5th CTC in Oct 2003. See you there!

Prehistoric Creatures was the theme for the 4th CTC… and T Rex is looking for you!

A scan of the patches are shown below.  The T-Rex patch is ~3.75″ tall x 7″ wide.  All the 8 different subcamp patches have a width plus height of 8 total inches.  For example, 4″ x 4″, or 2″ x 6″, or 3″ x 5″, etc. The STAFF patch with a gold metallic border is below.  It is 3″ high x 5″ wide. Patches with silver metallic border were be available to attendees. The color in the scans is not perfect, but it will give you some idea of what they will look like. The background color of all the patches below is white.  Check them out! These are great souvenirs!

The 3rd picture below is the youth leadership team (plus one old guy as advisor!) holding onto the 8 colored flags representing each subcamp. The 9th flag, white, is the starter’s flag for each race heat. This picture was taken minutes before the beginning of the subcamp chariot race. The chariot race featured 480 racers in a 90 minute period. Each racer received a chariot race patch for participating.  A scan of the Chariot Race patch is shown above.

 4ctca 4ctcb 4thCTC1 4thCTC2 4thCTC3


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