8th Challenge Trophy Camporee History


We had a sunny day on Friday to welcome the attending troops.  Mid Saturday morning we had a snow shower and the sun broke out in the afternoon between an overcast sky.  All in all, the weather was not that bad. Several troops were unable to attend due to a lake effect snow storm that dumped on the greater Buffalo area. This included a Canadian Troop that was unable to get through. HWY 90 and most of the city was shut down. HWY 90 was open at ~ 5:30pm on Friday, or so I heard! Parts of the greater Buffalo area lost power for a few days.

At the 8th CTC we had a total of 887 people attended.  670 were scouts including staff and 217 at the cub level.
We are hopeful that next year’s weather will cooperate with our event… but….

PATCHES are shown below….
The main CTC is above. It is ~ 8″ by 2.75″ in size.

Check out the history of the previous 7 Challenge Trophy Camporees. This will help you understand what the CTC is all about.  It is proven program with a strong training program for youth and adult staff. Attending scouts will benefit from the excellent scout programs offered.  Do not miss this great opportunity!

Below are pictures taken at the 8th CTC.  The top picture was taken around 2pm and I had to place it front and center because of the blue sky!  Below it is the morning pictures at a time we had snow flurries.  The flurries are not visible in the pics.

There is a boring picture of the West Parking lot also below.  We tried a new method of marking spaces in the parking this year and I heard positive comments, so it will be the same next year. The rest of the pictures are scouts and cubs having fun. We are providing youth memories that will last them a lifetime.  Congratulation to all adult volunteers in all units for what they do for the scouting youth.

The pictures may go off your monitor screen, so you will have to scroll down and right to see ’em.

I’m getting low in the free allotted space at this website, so the pic.jpeg files are small in size and thus are not the greatest quality.  If you want better scans, please email me and we’ll send you some.  Lastly, if you have great pictures you would like to share, let me know.  Thanks.

8CTCp1 8CTCp2 8CTCp3

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