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Staff Information for Ventures, Adults in the Staff Subcamp Only

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NOTE – Troop Subcamp Staff in the Troop’s Camporee Field is in the Troop’s page and NOT on this page.

What is the Staff Subcamp?

The STAFF SUBCAMP is everywhere except for the Camporee Field where the Troops are camping for the weekend.    On the CTC Map at the top you will find the Staff Parking Lot P9 and several Staff Camp Sites with or without Lean-tos. Staff can also book a bunk that comes with a supplied mattress in a building ….until we run out of bunks that is.

Bring your overnight gear, a flashlight, clothing and foot ware suitable for the weather, any special gear you may need, and a personal Cup if you like.

We will supply paper cups, plates and dishes for the Staff Meals.

If you wish to stay overnight with the Troops, & not in the Staff Subcamp, this is possible. We need to know if you going to be Troop Subcamp Staff….   or conduct a Venturer’s Staff Role.

Please email to have a campsite assigned. If you are staying on a Troop’s Campsite, also let Scouterdoug know that fact as well.

Lastly, we need to know what overall role category you plan to do – Troop Subcamp Staff Role or Crew Role.   Thanks.

We just need crews to understand the Troop Subcamp Staff roles are different that the Crew Staff Subcamp Roles.   Having said that – Crews may have Subcamp Roles if they choose to.   For example, we had Crews that Hosted Subcamps in the past.   The options exist and we are flexible.

Crew & Adult Roles at the CTC.

Expectations –

We normally expect a minimum of ½ day help from Venturer & Adult Staff on Saturday….  & if you get there early enough Friday evening, please assist with Parking the 300 plus vehicles that will be arriving between 6 and 10 pm.

Always have a copy of the CTC Schedule and the CTC Map with you.   Many Day Pass youth and parents will be attending during Saturday and may need assistance.   They were advised to ask ANY staff member ID’d by the Staff Cap you will be wearing at the Camporee…..  so please be prepared to answer questions.

Example – During you off time have fun at the Trading Tent where we have 12 tables and 120 seats for all Traders to use as trading central… or participate in some of the Events. Trade fairly, be friendly, and have fun!

See the Events / Program Page for more details.

Crew & Adult Staff Roles open the document below for detailed info.

CLICK HERE – Staff Crews/Teams/Adults – Roles at the CTC

Staff Souvenirs: – Each staff member gets the large CTC patch, a Staff Patch, a Staff Cap, and 2 Staff Subcamp Patches.  Trade your spare patch if you like.

Staff meeting and Training meeting: – Friday evening at the Camporee at 9:30pm in the Dining Hall, Venturers & Adults can pick their roles at the CTC…   if they have not already accepted one.  Depending on the role picked, there will be training provided.

Staff Meal Plan: We offer a Staff Meal Package at a VERY reasonable price for those who do not want to cook their own food.   This includes 4 meals and evening snacks on Friday and Saturday evening if requested.

Staff will have options with the meal plan –

If you stay on the Camporee Field with your Troop or Crew and you wish to eat with them, simply pay the Weekend Troop fee.   It is the same for staff and attendees.

If you wish to stay in the Staff Subcamp, whether it is in a building, in the woods, or a lean-to campsite, we packaged the Staff fee to include the meal plan to reduce the cost significantly.   We think you will be pleased with this deal!

Refer the Staff Payment Sheet to see this year’s fees.

Before you arrive – please note –

1st Aid team is located in the red Health Lodge building at the South End of the Pedestrian Bridge.   See the CTC Map.   They wear ORANGE SAFETY VESTS so they can be easily located if needed.

Medical Forms – Each Unit (pack, troop, crew, etc.) keeps their forms with them.   No one will ask for them unless there is a medical need to do so at the Camporee.   Be prepared and have them available at your campsite.

STAFF PARKING: Parking Lot 9

Crews / Adult Staff that are NOT staying in one of the Camporee Field’s 13 Subcamps, will Park in Parking Lot #9 and stay in the Staff Subcamp or in a building if you have booked one.   Refer to the CTC Map.   Park and walk to your Overnight site or building and get set up for the Weekend.

Then – Please volunteer Friday Evening to help Park Troops.

Parking Staff will be wearing Yellowish Lime Safety Vests and will help guide arriving Troops to their assigned parking spot.

CLICK HERE – Traffic Control & Parking Lot “Procedure”

This is a good training sheet for Staff to use to help with Parking.

At the CTC on Friday for those who wish to help with Parking, we will give you a Yellowish Lime Safety Vest and supply on the Deck at the front of Pedersen Lodge, and you will get an updated sheet with the locations of all Troops in every Subcamp.

Please bring your Flashlight and a smile!

Forms for “Staff Subcamp” Crews & Adults

CLICK HERE – 23rd CTC Staff Subcamp Payment Form

Open and use this form to pay for Staff Subcamp “Staff. You will note several payment options.   Pay “Early Bird” for a reduced cost, or “pay at the Camporee” for a little more. Same goes for the “Meal Plan”.   Combined “Early Bird Fee with Meal Plan” is 22% cheaper when paid before the CTC.

NOTE 1: – We offer Weekend Fee “or” a Staff Day Pass Fee for Saturday only.

NOTE 2: – We also offer ½ Price for people who are unable to make it to the CTC until after lunch. Details can be found on the Form in this section – CLICK the link for more details.

Schedules for Crew & Adults in the “Staff Subcamp”.

CLICK HERE – Staff “Weekend” Schedule

CLICK HERE – Staff “Day Pass” Schedule


Other Forms-

CLICK HERE – 21st CTC Summer Patch Special –  Look to save money? Order your patches before September 1st!

CLICK HERE -Babcock-Hovey 23rd CTC Map 

The map is very busy, but “almost” everything is on the map. Please make a copy of the map and on the back, copy the Schedule for all Patrols and adults.

CLICK HERE – Special Statement about Firewood

CLICK HERE – 23rd CTC Shooting Permission Form –  All youth must have this form filled out and signed by their legal guardian if they wish to participate in shooting sports activities.   See the form for more details….   And yes – staff may get in line a shoot where age appropriate. COMING SOON

Click Here – Roster (PDF)

Click Here – Roster (EXCEL)

Click Here – CTC Rules

Click Here – CTC Pamphlet


Everything you need should be on this Webpage.  

The CTC will not be mailing you any information. We handle everything via emails and the CTC Website.

If you require more info, or have any questions, please email with all inquiries.



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