Info for Weekend Troops

Units in the 14 subcamps on the Camporee Field

(Forms & other attachments are at the bottom of this page)

Troops (and Crews if they wish to) may attend for the Entire Weekend and participate in the 750 Events.   In this case, the Crew will set up and spend the weekend with the Troops in the Camporee Field.

Campsite Description:

The CTC provides a “Staked out” campsite on grass in each of the 14 Subcamps on the Camporee Field.   The 4 corner stakes will be painted with the Subcamp Colors. All weekend Units must bring everything they will need to set up a Campsite on the grass.   The site vary a little in size but most are 350 to 400 square yards.   For example – 14 yards by 25 yards or 20 yards by 20 yards, etc. The sizes will vary.

NOTE – Staff that is not staying on the Camporee Field have a separate sub-camp – STAFF.  This is the 15th Sub-camp at the CTC.

Where does the “Subcamp’s “HOST TROOP” Set up –

The campsite with the Subcamp Flag (by color) is reserved for the Subcamp HOST TROOP.   Unless you are the Host Troop, please do not set up at that site, or we’ll have to move you.

Subcamp Meetings for Attending Troops:

These will be held at the Host Troop’s Campsite in your Subcamp. The Host Troop’s location is shown on the CTC Map.   Please refer to the CTC Schedule.   There are 2 meetings on Friday Evening – SPL & Adults.


Troops – Please invite Webelos to attend with your Troop for the weekend at the CTC because this provides a GREAT opportunity to recruit Webelos into your troop.

Webelos are encouraged by the CTC to contact Troops on the pre-registered list which is one reason we like Troops to pre-registration early.

We offer Award Plaques to the top 4 Troops that have the Most Overnight Webelos.

Click Here for more information about Webelos at the CTC 

Before you arrive – please note –

1st Aid team is located in the red Health building at the South End of the Walking Bridge.   See the CTC Map.   They wear ORANGE SAFETY VESTS so they can be easily located if needed.

Medical Forms – Each Unit (pack, troop, crew, etc.) keeps their forms with them.   No one will ask for them unless there is a medical need to do so at the Camporee.   Be prepared and have them available at your campsite.

Parking Staff will be wearing Yellowish Lime Safety Vests.   They will help guide arriving Troops to their assigned parking spot. The first thing they will be looking for is the Parking Pass on the Dashboard of each arriving vehicle.

Weekend Troop’s CTC Leader’s Package

Each Troop or Crew that stays in the Camporee Field in one of the 13 Subcamps will receive a CTC Leader’s Package in the mail in late Sept.

It will contain CTC info that will include,

A Checklist,

Your assigned Subcamp,

Parking Passes for your assigned subcamp,

The CTC Map – The same one as on this wedpage,

Form #3 – Troop Inspection and Score Summary sheet,

Shooting Permission Form – must be filled out and signed by Guardians,

Pay at the Camporee Form – Use this form to pay for attendee that did not yet pay,

Roster – A complete roster of attendees lets us know who is at the CTC and where they are,

…. And additional info as needed.

After you review the Leader’s Package, and you have questions, please email


We need you to be prepared to arrive and parked efficiently and safely.

TROOPS Please ensure every Vehicle has a copy of their Parking Pass on the Dashboard.   This will ensure a more efficient arrival at the CTC and reduce Traffic Jams.

Secondly, please give every driver a copy of the CTC Map so they will know exactly where to go when BEFORE they arrive at the CTC.   Signs with Parking Lot # will be posted at the Camporee along the Gravel Road.   Staff will also be present to assist.   The Parking Pass “lot” number is also on the CTC Map so please be prepared to drive safety and directly to your parking lot.

This includes parents who are dropping off scouts and then leaving.   Parents that wish to get out of the car must park in the parking lot.   Random parking “here and there” is not allowed.

More than 300 vehicles will be arriving at the Camp between 6pm and 10pm Friday Evening and around 100 of them will be pulling a Trailer.   We need EVERYONE to have the Parking Lot Passes on their Dashboards, and please ensure the Drivers have a CTC Map and know where they are going when they arrive at the CTC.   Thanks.


EARLY DROP OFF?  – The gates at the CTC are opened by noon on Friday of the camporee weekend.  If possible, we ask local troops to drop off their trailers early to help reduce traffic later Friday evening.   Want to drop it off on Thursday?  Please email to arrange a time.

The plan is to park all trailers at the Subcamp so that your equipment is close by.   On the CTC Map near each subcamp your will note rectangles at each Subcamp.   These rectangles represent Trailers. This is where Trailers are to be parked at the CTC.

If your Troop does not have a trailer, you may park 2 vehicles “nose to nose” in what would be your trailer’s Parking Spot.   Do not park them side by side, or you will be taking another Troop’s Trailer parking spot… and we have none to spare.

All other vehicles must park in the Vehicle Parking Lots as designated.   Please have the personal gear in these vehicles packed in a manner to allow the youth and adults to carry the equipment to their Subcamp.

ATV – Kabotas:

We plan to have 2 Kabotas being Driven by CTC Staff to assist carrying Gear for Troops that need a little assistance.

Staff with your Troop?

We have a few troops with youth and adult staff, and some Venturers are staying with a few troops.   If you have Staff, please email when you know how many staff you have and we’ll make sure they get the staff souvenirs – Staff cap, Staff patch, etc. They will be handed out at the Registration Desk.

If applicable – See the Staff Meetings in Red below.

Subcamp Staff “Training” Meeting – Run by CTC Staff – Dining Hall – 7pm to 8:30pm Friday evening. For Subcamp Staff who need training how to do their Role… please attend!   You will get a CTC Staff Trained Patch for attending this training.

Subcamp Staff “Meeting” – Run by CTC Staff – Dining Hall – 8:30pm to 9:00pm Friday evening– The last minute instructions will be presented.   You will then get your Subcamp plaques, additional hand out Event instructions for your assigned Event Area, Event Volunteer Patches, and pencil case with calculator, pens, punch & scissors.

CREW & Adult Staff “Meeting” – Run by CTC Staff – Dining Hall – 9:30pm to 10:30pm on Friday.

If you have Venturers staying with your Troop at your Campsite for the weekend, and they are Staff, they should attend this meeting.   Events will be selected at this meeting if they do not have ones at this time. We will have snacks and drinks available at this meeting.

Meetings in HOST TROOP’s Campsite – Friday Evening

Weekend Troop Meetings – Please send representatives to the meetings as shown in blue text below.

“SPL” Meeting at Host Campsite @ 9:30 to 10pm – Run by Host Troop in your Subcamp.

Subcamp “Adult’s” from Troops at “Host Campsite” – Run by Host Troop in your Subcamp–10pm to 10:30pm.   Most important item – We need all available adults to sign up to run events for only ½ day.  

At this meeting you will get an Event sheet with your assigned events written on it.   We are running over 750 events at the Camporee this year.   This is made possible when every VOLUNTEER steps up and helps support the program for ½ day.  We give an Event Volunteer Patch to each person that helps for 1/2 day.


Weekend Troops Patches include 1 large CTC Patch and 2 Subcamp Patches. Trade your extra Subcamp patch.  

Should a Troop pay for Day Pass Cubs to attend on Saturday with their Troop, please note that at Registration the Day Pass gets 1 Large CTC Patch and 1 Day Pass Patch.   They do not get Subcamp Patches.

Weekend Troops and Crews are eligible to earn the 14 Program Patches as per the Event Card requirements.  We will provide around 800 of each type and it is 1st come, 1st served until the 800 of each is gone.   If the patch you have “earned points to get” is gone, we will give the patrol the “Never Give Up” Patch.    If the patrol earns every patch, they will then get the “Never Give Up” Patch.  Yes we have a few patrol that earn all of the patches available on the Event Cards.

The Program patches that can be earned are included in the Weekend Fee.   Some are on the Event Cards and the rest are Sub-camp related.    YES – these are included in your Registration Fees!

Educational Events,   Scouting Excellence,   Outdoor & Nature Skills,   Demolition Drag Derby,   Sport’s Events,   Teamwork,   Sub-camp Relay Race,   Crafts,   Fun Events,   Shooting Ranges Patch,   Never Give Up Patch,   Top Sub-camp Inspection,   Top 5 Patrols in each sub-camp,   & Event Volunteer Patch.

Subcamp Staff:

Older youth in a Troop that have outgrown the CTC Program are ready to become STAFF. The younger boys will then get an opportunity to be a Leader within your Troops when the older boys move on to become CTC staff. Should the older boys (Venturer age) not want to attend the CTC at all, bring the younger youth to the Camporee.

Subcamp Staff: – There are several youth positions available in the Subcamps for attending Youth. These youth normally attend with their Troops and stay in the Subcamps with their units.

Staff souvenirs: Troop Subcamp Staff gets the normal patches with the Troop…. but also get a Staff Patch and a Staff Cap.

Staff fee: It is the same as the Scout “Weekend Troop” registration fee.

Youth Camporee Chiefs,

Sub-camp Chiefs,

Event Area Coordinators,

plus support youth on Staff.

This opportunity is great for youth that may have outgrown the event participation part of the program. Don’t let the older youth get bored of the Camporee. They will outgrow the events / program and that is the time become a member of our Youth Staff Leadership Team.    

Adults help as advisors, running event or as part of the Service Team.  Please invite the experienced Adults who are still members of your troop, but do not attend all of the Troop’s activities because their children have aged out.  We offer Weekend Staff roles and Day Staff positions and we need all of the help we can get.

The STAFF DAY PASS is for Senior Youth or Adults that do not wish to stay at the CTC for an entire Weekend – Come to the CTC Saturday morning and help us run the 750 Events. Your fee includes Lunch with the DAY Staff fee.

Registration :

Register at the CTC on Friday Evening at Pedersen Lodge.


Forms – Payment and other information:

To view and print forms and information, click the links below….


In 2022 we are continuing offering a “Special Rate” for Canadian Troops to off-set the cost of the “dollar exchange rate” and the “expense & inconvenience of traveling across the border”.   Contact for additional info on this topic before sending in any payment forms.

Check out the Canada Page at this Website.

Pre-Registration Letter-

CLICK HERE  – 23rd Pre-Registration Letter – Sign up today to hold your unit a spot at the Challenge Trophy Camporee (CTC)        No Payment Required to Pre-Register and if things change and you cannot make it, simply email Scouterdoug and let him know.

Payment Forms-

There are 2 different payment levels for the CTC. Attendees may use any combination to pay for their units.   Some people in your unit will pay early, and the rest will pay a little more at the Camporee.  The Fees increase in time as the target dates are passed.

Please review the options below. Note all payments are now included on 1 form.

CLICK HERE – for the 23rd CTC Weekend Payment Forms

Early Bird Payment – Pay the Early Bird Payment by Oct 4th to save $.

Regular Fee/Pay at the Camp.   For the people who did not pay by July 4th or the Early Bird Payment by Oct 4th.

Other Forms

CLICK HERE – 23rd CTC Summer Patch Special – Look to save money? Order your patches before September 1st! COMING SOON

CLICK HERE – 23rd CTC Shooting Permission Form – All youth must have this form filled out and signed by their legal guardian if they wish to participate in shooting sports activities.

CLICK HERE -Babcock Hovey 23rd CTC Map  – The map is very busy, but “almost” everything is on the map. Please make a copy of the map and on the back, copy the Schedule for all Patrols and adults

CLICK HERE – Weekend Schedule



Click Here – Unit Roster (PDF)

Click Here – Unit Roster (Excel)

CLICK HERE – Special Statement About Firewood Also note the ground fires are not allowed on the Camporee Field, but fire in patio style metal fire pots, or ½ barrels is permitted.

CLICK HERE – Special Statement About Border Crossings

CLICK HERE – Directions to Camp Babcock-Hovey