3rd Challenge Trophy Camporee History


The 3rd CTC was held Sept 21-23, 2001 at the J. Warren Cutler Scout Reservation (Camp Cutler) in the beautiful Cleveland Hills, located about 45 minutes south-east of Rochester NY.  The Camporee was sponsored by Arrowhead District of Otetiana Council. We had another great day where the weather cooperated and provided partially sunny conditions with a high in the 70’s.  We ran approx. 160 events on Saturday.  About 40 of these events were new and introduced at the 3rd CTC for the first time. The top troops (combined inspection and average patrol scores) at the Camporee were 230 Arrowhead, 262 Arrowhead, 167 Finger Lakes,163 Arrowhead & 46 Finger Lakes. Eight plaques for each subcamp were also awarded during the campfire program.  This represented the top 3 inspections and top 5 patrols in each subcamp. These are too numerous to mention, but all participants are congratulated for their scouting excellence. 8th Brockville travelled to the Camporee from Canada and we are pleased they were able to attend. We had an excellent staff of ~20 senior scouts and several key adults.  The youth ran the subcamps and the event areas and two Youth Camporee Chiefs coordinated just about everything else, as well as assisting each Youth Subcamp Chief and Youth Event Area Coordinator when required.  The entire program was maintained pretty well on schedule over the 12 hour program period on Saturday.  All staff (youth and adults) should be proud of the way they conducted themselves as excellent role models for the attending scouts.  As the younger scouts grow older, they too will fill key leadership roles at this Camporee in the future.
POSITIVE COMMENTS from a scoutmaster: Our youngest 11 old scout turned to me and had tears in his eyes. “I wish this wasn’t over yet… I had SO much fun!  Can we come again next year?”  Yes I told him, “we will be there for sure” was the response. Another scoutmaster told us that he had 2 senior youth that signed up as staff.  At lunch they told the rest of their troop how great it was to be on staff.  After the positive report from the youth staff, every youth 13 and older wanted to sign up as staff right after lunch. These are two great stories about 2 different aspects of the Challenge Trophy Camporee program; “great events for the scouts” and “youth run program”.  Thanks for the great feedback. Scouting is for the youth and your input confirms our program works!
The Main Camporee patch is 4.75″ wide by 3.25″ in height.  The Subcamp Patches are ~3″ x 4″ in size.  The Subcamp Patches are a set of 4 where the flying squirrel is shown in 4 postions and /or locations during its travels from one tree to another.


Below are several pictures that may take some time to load up…. but they are worth the wait to see.

3ctcdiska ctc3pt1a ctc3pt2a ctc3pt3a

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